Independent DMT Research (Breaking Convention 2017 – presentation script)

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to share my research; thank you for your interest. As I began penning this presentation, I realised just how little I would be able to cover in half an hour, and how many giant literary steps I would need to take in order to squeeze in all that I felt was relevant. I aim to cover quite a lot of ground, so without further ado let me outline the preliminaries of my three year research programme. I used freebase DMT. It’s easier just to say that I smoked it. The first half of my programme was conducted indoors. The second half of my programme was conducted mainly outdoors, in my garden. I maintained eyes open in all but a few experiments. My preference was for daylight hours. My posture was nearly always recumbent. Before committing fully to my research programme I gave up drinking alcohol and I abstained from masturbating. One had always been more of a habit than the other. One other thing I consider to be of significance was that I researched alone, without a sitter. On only three or four occasions did I invite my wife to sit aside me while I explored the effects of DMT. What I did not fully appreciate at the outset, was the importance of the intention behind my research. That intention was to understand the causal nature of the DMT experience, beyond inhaling the potent vapour.

My mental approach to the research was to repeatedly ignore my fears; to ignore the voice of my ego as it frequently tried to argue that it did not want me to lie down on the floor, and did not want me to fill my lungs with potent vapour. There were times when I became my own hero, and occasions when cowardice triumphed. The Nike slogan, “Just do it,” became the frequent call of my still shy higher self, as I forced myself to sit up, engage the flame, and commence my research. Between October 2013 and December 2016, I committed to over 600 experiments.

Main findings

From those preliminaries I will move onto my main findings. It likely comes as no surprise that DMT is a very powerful amplifier of human consciousness; but that applies both literally and qualitatively. Literally, one’s mind undergoes a very rapid expansion far beyond its latent state. Qualitatively, one’s thoughts and one’s feelings may lurch to extremes – including the extreme of indifference.

DMT-amplified human consciousness serves as a signal that is of great interest to conscious and intelligent lifeforms; beings that are otherwise unseen and presently outside the cataloguing of life as we know it. We can choose to call these spiritual beings; conscious energies; intelligent discarnate entities; or even aliens – though I disfavour that term myself.

Amplified human consciousness exhibits an uncommon high density, and unusual perceptive qualities that are at once sensible within and without the researcher. The field of consciousness of the manifesting spiritual entity can exhibit extreme density, and has the capacity to temporarily meld its mind into the amplified consciousness of the researcher, thereby imposing varying degrees of mesmerisation, and commonly enabling the entity to impose highly defined visions upon the researcher – one is effectively temporarily engulfed within the mind of another. The uncommon density of that ‘mind-stuff’ creates the appearance of a reality that appears far more real than ordinary everyday reality.

The spiritual entities engaging in these interactions are able to manipulate their field of consciousness – their body-of-mind, if you will. This includes a capacity to compose a bizarre quasi-physical-like substance; one with the capacity to operate invasively; the ability to operate with mobility, the ability to be moulded creatively; and the ability to exhibit extreme strength and incredible subtleness.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, they have the capacity to manipulate the human psyche – inducing extremes of emotion from fervent ecstasy, to confused befuddlement, inducing profoundly terrifying fear, as well as wreaking total mental insensibility.

They have the capacity to quickly and sequentially squeeze extreme emotions from the human psyche; in a manner that seems almost to define the terrain and the qualities of humanness. In such encounters one almost feels that one is a puppet, being expertly manipulated by a very powerful and a very skilful puppet master.

Several more things

  1. The potency of DMT – even without any interaction from a spiritual entity – is such that it can induce extremely overwhelming blissful states; wherein one feels completely aloof from humanity; one feels so completely and utterly serene that the only vague concern one has – as one comes down from that heavenly state – is whether the creator of the universe was cognisant of the event. For the event really does feel like an occurrence of universal import and significance.
  2. Specific to outdoor research is the frequent observation of what some would term as black orb UFO’s. Of course, one should be ornithologically minded, so as not to mix up the mysterious with the mundane – one must be sure that one does not confuse the feathered with the esoteric. And – earth lights; balls of light of varying size, that operate seemingly playfully, and can manifest at close proximity. It is notable that such sightings induce a huge transformation in mood. Quickly moving one to almost childlike exuberance.
  1. There is no amount of words, no quality of words, and no sequence of words that can convey the truly awesome phenomenal power that these beings can impose as they undergo rapid increases in both frequency and intensity, over mere seconds. It is simply unimaginable. Indoors or outdoors, one’s immediate environment feels to have suddenly filled with an energy that is perceptibly and singularly impossibly solid, and yet all pervasive. The extent to which that power manifests seems to have a proportionate relationship to the degree of mesmerisation imposed upon the researcher.
  1. It is on the basis of that incredible capacity to impose unimaginable power within one’s research setting that one can appear to be raised off the ground by some small distance, and thereby experience states of illusory movement, as the being subtly manipulates its body-of-mind beneath one’s recumbent physical body to convincingly create that perception. By and large, depending upon the experience, one usually only becomes aware of this as the experience draws to a close – whereupon one marvels at the softness, the slowness, the subtleness, and near imperceptibility of that slow and short descent.
  1. The experiences seem to have a very gradual initiatory aspect; such that later experiences become far more challenging, and slowly more revealing. Many of my later experiences would have seen me off had they been among my first. In the latter half of my research programme, after heading outdoors, I was able to observe spiritual entities without them imposing hallucinatory visions upon me. That is not to say they were not imposing challenging experiences. But out of all my research, those sights remain by far the most rewarding.
  1. The uncommon high density of amplified human consciousness, and the extreme density of manifested discarnate entities, both display a capacity to transmit sound pressure waves far more readily than air alone. This accounts for apparent increases in the quality of sounds and the volume of sounds. In certain circumstances it also enables direct visual observation of compression and rarefaction phases in low frequency sounds emitted from speaker cones. Conversely, I suggest the capacity of these beings to suddenly create an improbable environmental silence – a complete shutting out of all ambient noise – derives from their ability to form an acoustic barrier; one exhibiting the relevant properties of density, rigidity, and imperforation.
  1. The characteristics of DMT-induced amplified human consciousness seem to proportionally relate to the intensity and the frequency of the energetic reaction that takes place at what feels like the pineal site of the brain. Obviously dose and factors relating to inhalation are relevant. When indoors, with a sufficient dose, amplified human consciousness appears as a visually very obvious field or volume of energy. One which rapidly becomes very turbulent. Here, I would argue the Beer-Lambert law is applicable. This law states that when radiant energy impinges upon a surface it is either transmitted, reflected, or absorbed. It took me a great many indoor experiments to work that out, because it was usually within seconds, if not apparently instantaneously, that something else had arrived and imposed its own power of mind upon me.


Let’s continue and include a few Examples & Notable Experiences

A 35mg dose while sat upon the bed at night time resulted in the bedroom becoming occupied with a circus troupe in full performance. My eyes could still see the bedroom – but it was now filled with numerous and impossible-to-describe performances undertaken by humanlike entities. Everything in my visual field looked far more real than real life. Behind me a row of female can-can dancers moved along the wall, arm in arm, with legs kicking up and out in perfect unison. Suddenly, someone touched my butt cheek – even though my butt cheeks were pressing down upon the bed. I was in an advanced mesmeric state. And thus it took some concerted effort of will for me to say out loud: “I know what you just did.”

No sooner had I said that when every performer within the bedroom turned to look directly at me, all exhibiting great beaming smiles of happiness as I acknowledged what had just occurred.

Now, either I imagined the whole thing; or it just so happened that my bedroom coincided with a circus performance that was already well underway in a parallel dimension commonly referred to as hyperspace. Or, as I contend, a powerful spiritual entity had temporarily melded its mind into my temporarily amplified consciousness – effectively filling the volume of the room – before imposing its imagination upon my visual and mental perception … while at the same time cheekily testing my reaction to a quasi-physical touching of my derrière.

Outside, I have witnessed my consciousness spiralling out of me – a dense, transparent, ethereal torrent, filled with a complex geometric interior, bountifully filling the sky high above me. That such a thing can occur while one’s rational sense remains intact is no less astonishing than the sight itself. Rather oddly, upon seeing so much of my mind-stuff filling the sky, my natural reaction was to feel both vulnerability and great maternal concern; resulting in a somewhat comical response, typical of a loving mother scolding her wayward child: “Oh my God! Look at you! Get yourself back down here immediately! Get back in this house, right now!”

Only a fool underestimates the potency of DMT. And occasionally I have been that fool. The unstoppable intensity of ultra high frequency energy emanating from one’s pineal site is a sure sign the experience will be memorable. Lying in the garden, my consciousness rapidly spirals out of me as a dense, transparent, swirling geometric torrent. My rational capacities have now forsaken me. I barely know what I am – let alone who I am or even where I am.

My senses slowly begin to return. Mouth feels hinged open at an impossible 180 degree angle. Tongue involuntarily sweeps around the inside of my mouth, as though suffering from severe athetosis. Lips feel greatly enlarged and rubberised. And my entire mouth feels improbably well lubricated. The refreshing feeling as my tongue involuntarily sweeps around and around my salivated mouth is an oral pleasure beyond compare.

There is so much of my mind-stuff outside of me that something has arrived to offer assistance. Something is caring for me in a mothering capacity. A portion of its great mind fluidly melds into a potion of my mind. A broad and slightly pendent cylinder of our melded mind-stuff extends out from the top of my head and my forehead. I can feel the incredibly heavy singular density of that broad pendulous mass, both inside and outside my skull. As the being slowly pulls its mind away from my mind, it creates an almost painful suction-like pull upon my brain. This causes long-forgotten and deeply buried memories to stir within me. I have experienced this before. I am sure – as a young bairn, alone in bed at night time….perhaps?

How many highly defined visions must one experience before one begins to feel discontent? How many times can one genuinely be made to feel convinced that one has died, and departed the land of the living?

Did I genuinely suspect I had reached the limits of the DMT experience? Or was I being subtly led toward significant change? A notable experiment in my bedroom, without any visionary content, cemented my suspicion: these experiences were interactions with spiritual entities. I watched in awe as the manifested entity filling the volume of the sunlit bedroom failed to misdirect my attention before its departure.

“I am not missing this,” I voiced aloud, as an incredibly beautiful transparent entity slowly and serenely exited from the bedroom. Now I knew for sure I was dealing with spiritual entities. Or rather, they were dealing with me. And yet despite that knowledge, it made my commitment no easier. If anything, it made it doubly difficult. Because now, not only did I need to trust in the capacity of my own courage, I now needed to invest my trust in the intention of those interacting with me.

On the floor at the top of the staircase I sit up and empty the pipe in three proficient pulls. I lay back down. With great rapidity a spiritual entity manifests and fills the location with intense high frequency energy. Almost in an instant the location becomes ultra highly defined. It now looks more real than real. White paintwork looks impossibly white. Every colour is greatly amplified and every surface appears true and pristine, without defect, blemish or imperfection. Highly defined hallucinatory scenery and highly defined humanlike entities are present. Their actions are related to the intense high frequency energy that is both audible and perceptible – and so overwhelmingly central to this unfolding experience. The frequency continues to rise, higher and higher. Humanlike entities are positioning themselves around me. One looks like it is ready to pounce right into me.

The frequency and intensity of the energy is immense. I gulp, more from dryness of mouth than fright or fear. But that gulp seems to cause the phenomenal energy to reset itself. The humanlike entities beseech me to stay still and remain silent. I duly oblige, as the frequency quickly reaches an excruciatingly impossible pitch. I remain motionless. The frequency is now reaching a truly impossible sonic level. It continues to rise, higher and higher, until it reaches a sanity defying level. And now, my situation has changed remarkably.

Now, something is inside of me. And not only is something inside of me but that something seems able to manipulate me from within. It is somehow able to either physically manipulate my internal physiology, or it is able to radically alter my perception of my anatomical physiology – to such an extent that it truly belies I am a living creature composed of blood and bone.

I am now as good as a marionette in the hands of a puppet master. There is no pain, but my body feels eerily and impossibly strange; as though it is synthetic, composite, fluidless, flexible, and constructible. There is hollowness in the midst of my limbs; the joints of which feel like they can be easily uncoupled and re-coupled. I feel devoid of all liquid content.

And yet my consciousness then was just as clear and as lucid as it is now.

A strange interior movement in the region of my throat makes it feel as though the function of my voice box has suddenly moved to the outside of me. I protest loudly: “Hey! You can’t do that!”

But it seems they already have, because now my voice sounds to be emanating from somewhere outside of me. My voice now sounds incredibly clear, and clipped, and far louder than usual. The shock of hearing my voice speaking from outside of me is mind blowing; to the extent that I cry out loud: “Whoa! Whoa! That’s impossible! That’s impossible!”

But it wasn’t impossible. I felt compelled to speak again and again and again, simply in order to marvel at hearing the incredibly unusual qualities now characterising my voice.

And at the same time, the interior of my upper body felt like it was undergoing the most impossible manipulations. Again and again I cried out aloud: “Hey! You can’t do that! That’s impossible! How can you do that?”

The entire situation was just so utterly impossible. And yet there I was, in my rational senses, being skilfully manipulated from within by an intelligence that was surely conscious of what it was doing to me; it was surely cognisant of my profound amazement and my immeasurable astonishment.

During the experience a remote part of my mind had capacity to suspect that this was a reward; this was a reward for me pursuing the DMT experience in an investigative capacity.

I was profoundly affected by this experience. As it came to a close I burst into tears; tears of shock and disbelief. I quickly dried my eyes and headed downstairs. My wife had heard me shouting. I lay down on the sofa without saying a word. But as I reflected, my emotions hit me really hard, and once again I burst into tears. My wife, showing great concern, asked if I was alright. And of course I was. I just needed to have an emotional reaction to balance things out. And as I composed myself, I felt that I had made a great stride, and secured significant progress with my research.

This invasive capacity opened up a whole new chapter in my research. The beings performed invasively; including within my brain, and on one occasion at the back of one of my eyes. An indoor experiment aborted at an early stage through my fear, resulted in very long, and very slender, tentacular-like quasi-physical portions of the powerful entity, slowly and palpably withdrawing through my interior physiology. These invasive experiences went so far as to stymie my capacity to breathe; either by slowly compressing my windpipe, or by steadily reducing its effective internal diameter, until gasping for breath and on the verge of panic, I would once again find myself alone and free to breathe.

Another invasive machination involved sealing up my lips from within, using that strange quasi-physical substance. On numerous occasions I suspected my lips were being tightly sealed shut from within. But my mesmeric state precluded the capacity or the courage to test the integrity of that seal. Implicit trust is paramount in these encounters. But as we have just heard, that trust can be severely tested. When I did eventually find the capacity to test that seal, by trying to open my mouth, it came as no surprise that I was completely unable to overcome its strength. And yet had I panicked, I have no doubt it would have vanished.

Time is marching on!

One should always listen to one’s instincts, shouldn’t one? A moderate dose inhaled indoors on a dull day, despite my inner voice fervently beseeching me not to proceed, was ignored. The outcome of that experience was a regrettable change in my mental health; one that I document only as far as I dare in what I hope will be my third book. The result of that experience, after a period of absence from DMT, was to take my research outside.

At that stage in my programme the hallucinatory visions had all but ceased; but heading into the garden introduced me to some of the phenomenally configured beings that were behind such bizarre encounters.

Here, now, I almost feel like saying nothing would be the best means of conveying my dumbfounded reaction to the incredible sights I witnessed while in broad daylight; phenomenally configured entities, ranging from large to vast – relative to my physical size. Some displaying geometry and symmetry making them appear as large, multi-milli-faceted, densely ethereal, rounded diamonds. One now knows beyond a shadow of doubt, humanity is not the pinnacle of evolution – and neither are we alone.

For me, those sightings represented a triumph in my research. But that’s not the whole story, because now, the experiences imposed by these beings had truly changed.

Just what does one experience of oneself when overwhelmed with a fight or flight situation, where one is powerless to fight and from which one cannot flee?

Now, the intensity of the encounters increased markedly. I experienced roughhousing; disturbing mind games; forcefully invasive encounters; and levels of drama, excitement and entertainment that no movie could ever possibly equal. On one occasion I violently ripped open my shirtfront. But only because I was incapable of tearing open my chest, and offering up my heart to the large and powerful being that was above me – capably testing the qualities of my soul.

There is very much more that could be said about these experiments, these experiences, these encounters and these beings. But I need to close by arguing why science cannot ignore this field of research, if it wishes to be true to its roots. One thing that really excites me about my findings – and the findings of others – is not only the fact that spiritual beings actually exist, but how such findings will be incorporated into western culture; how such findings will reshape that culture; how science will adapt to such findings, and what nomenclature it will adopt, to prevent it unwittingly or unwillingly getting into bed with theosophy and theology.

It could be argued, and indeed it has been argued, that science is based on materialism, and materialism excludes the idea of spirit. This idea of spirit, within and without humanity, is one which will need to be pushed if it is to challenge the orthodoxy of traditional materialist science.

I would like to end with two quotes. One from an author using the pseudonym Douglas D. Hunter – allegedly an assistant professor of physics, intent on reemphasizing the role of science in addressing mystery.

Science is a creative yet highly disciplined effort to find a truthful description of the world. The emphasis needs to be on creative. Discipline is a condition that can only be self imposed. In fact, the key issue is not discipline, rather it is honesty. If the profession becomes dominated by dogma, and if this domination is allowed to determine what is considered to be “the discipline” i.e. the profession, then the scientific endeavour has ceased to be science, and it has become religion. In fact it is the lowest form of religion, namely, it is a personality cult.

And finally, a truly weighty quote from ‘The DMT Diaries’, by Steven Turner:

…if the case studies of medically authorised N,N,DMT (the Strassman Studies) are anything to go by, then we may have to reassess all our current foundations of materialist science.

Quite so!

I am Dick Khan. Thank you for your interest in my research.


The Authority of Material vs. The Spirit (2006) by Douglas D. Hunter. Page 150; Trafford Publishing

The DMT Diaries (2014) by Steven Turner. Page 14

Author: DMT Researcher

I am an independent DMT researcher and writer with a longstanding interest in esoteric and occult philosophies. I dared to personally research the effects of DMT in order to expand my understanding of the unseen and to share my findings with others. Much exists outside the physical world and with entheogenic substances - such as DMT - we have the potential to view the unknown with stunning and endless philosophical possibilities.

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