This article is about possible afterlife realities, with reference to my practical research using DMT (dimethyltryptamine, aka, the Spirit Molecule), and my longstanding interest in the doctrines of Theosophy. I can confidently write about my experiences with DMT because in three years of practical research I undertook several hundred experiments. However, I cannot hope to write with complete confidence and authority about afterlife realities. But I can give opinion.

Nothing beats experience! As a young child I would lay awake in bed at night fascinated by the transition from being awake to falling asleep. I was determined to remain awake, even as sleep befell me – silly as that must sound. But an occasional consequence of that unwinnable battle was succumbing to an out-of-body experience, with the capacity to travel around the family home by dint of will. And so it was from a very young age that experience showed me there was something inside my body that could consciously exist outside of my body; something that had the capacity to pass straight through solid objects, such as the wooden door to my bedroom and the lounge.

Many years later, when I am all grown up, I am seated on the floor of my sunlit bedroom, trying to draw vapour from a 35mg dose of DMT down into my lungs. I am still relatively inexperienced with this astonishingly powerful substance. A strong wind is gusting noisily outside. I have already made three inhalations of vapour, but apparently nothing has yet occurred. In a frustrated huff I make one final attempt on the pipe. All of a sudden, a small and incredibly dense cloud of potent vapour is drawn deep into my lungs. By the time my head sinks back into the pillow I am absolutely and utterly convinced that I am dead. My cognitive capacities seem totally unaffected – I am otherwise in complete control of my rational senses. But equally, I have no doubt whatsoever that I am now dead. There is a profound stillness and an incredibly eerie silence, the like of which I have never before experienced. I can no longer hear the wind blowing. It seems that everything is totally and absolutely motionless…and I am now dead… it is absolutely without question!

That is a classic example of what some DMT investigators and explorers have coined ‘the little death’ experience. It is as profound as it is convincing. And it is emotionally challenging in the extreme. But perhaps even more profound is the assertion that such an experience – and indeed a great many DMT experiences – result from the interaction of a spiritual being with the temporarily amplified consciousness of the researcher. That is a really startling statement to make. But that is the finding from my extensive practical research with the Spirit Molecule. And no doubt many other committed researchers using DMT in an exploratory and investigative capacity will have arrived at the very same or a very similar conclusion. What science will make of such assertions has yet to be seen.

Many times during my research I have been completely enveloped within the mind of a spiritual being, therein I have witnessed the most incredible visual imagery imposing upon my perceptions, and in such a manner as to convince me that I have entered into another realm, another world, another dimension – peopled by strange humanlike entities, and displaying scenery or objects that are mostly impossible to describe. It is a really interesting fact of such an experience that the imagery always appears to be so incredibly highly defined as to make ordinary everyday reality appear second best. Behind such factual observations as that, a new science is begging to be explored; one that demands the very same rational focus as our traditional science – an investigative approach; one that seeks complete knowledge and understanding of the mechanics behind an experience that is all too often described as “bizarre” and “impossible.”

During three years of practical research I have seen my own consciousness bountifully spiralling out of me in a geometrically-configured ethereal torrent, filling the sky high above my small back garden. I have seen phenomenally configured spiritual beings that have wrung the most bizarre emotions out of me. I have had invasive operations undertaken within my physiology. I have been tricked and entertained, berated and subdued, and absolutely astonished at the things I have seen and experienced whilst in complete control of my rational and cognitive senses. Spiritual beings do exist. And on the basis that they exist then they must exists somewhere. In all likelihood, their existence is within a kingdom of nature totally unseen and unheeded by our ordinary senses. The significance of this to our western-minded cultural, societal, scientific and theological domains is truly breathtaking – almost difficult to comprehend in its fullness.

So then, on the basis that there is something within us that can consciously exist outside of our physical body; and on the basis that there are beings in existence that can exist without an organic body, and are outside the range of our unaided perception, what might that mean for the possibility of an afterlife? Well, the argument for that possibility can edge closer towards making an intellectually valid consideration for something mysterious occurring to our consciousness at the death of our physical body.

What though, do the Theosophical doctrines have to say about afterlife realities? I could simply state that the esoteric doctrines inform us that at death everything returns to source. The physical body will decay, and its constituent elements will duly return to their respective cycles; whereas the root of our consciousness will return to some higher realm, of which we have no sensible capacity to cognize outside of actual union with that ineffable source.

But if that really is what occurs at death, then shouldn’t our inquiring energies be focused upon trying to understand exactly what constitutes our unseen selves? Between our physical shell and our highest spiritual self, wherein lies our personality? What happens to that personality when we die? Or, to express it another way: From what source of hidden nature does my capacity to form a personality derive? When we begin asking: “What according the esoteric doctrines constitutes the inner composition of man,” it quickly begins to become quite a complicated matter. Such inquiries must then begin dealing with matters of divine spirit; spiritual soul; rational soul; animal soul; life principle; etheric double – all housed within and anchored to the temporary shell that is our physical body. How did such a thing ever occur? Does it not stir you to wonder?

Therein are the mysteries contained within Theosophy – those doctrines that deal with deeply esoteric and occult matters; those philosophies that the science of today just will not face up to. Today’s science cannot tolerate esoteric and occult lore, which it sees as imaginative fancy and airy fairy conjecture. And yet, in defence of that very same science of today, it is completely understandable why it values and thrives upon evidence. On the basis of my own research, I wholeheartedly contend that DMT is an incredibly valuable tool for investigating the hidden side of nature; nature which includes the hidden side of ourselves, as well as those spiritual entities unseen by our ordinary and unaided perceptions. Here, potentially, is the start to investigating possible afterlife realities, in a rational and focused manner; the beginnings of a new science that aims to addresses, head-on, those deepest mysteries about who we are and what our relationship is to the earth and that which rests beyond our corporeal vision.

Author: DMT Researcher

I am an independent DMT researcher and writer with a longstanding interest in esoteric and occult philosophies. I dared to personally research the effects of DMT in order to expand my understanding of the unseen and to share my findings with others. Much exists outside the physical world and with entheogenic substances - such as DMT - we have the potential to view the unknown with stunning and endless philosophical possibilities.

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