DMT & My Occult Mind

This is the post excerpt.

Between October 2013 and December 2017, I established my own home-based research programme aimed at exploring and investigating the effects of smoking freebase DMT. I had a very definite intention in mind – to understand the causal nature of the experience beyond inhaling the potent vapour. Employing a mindset long influenced by esoteric and occult philosophies, I came to understand the DMT experience in its fullness is a very direct and very profound interaction with powerful spiritual entities.

I began with no intention to publish my work. However, the more I researched and the more I wrote, the more I wanted to share my accounts of these truly amazing life-changing encounters. Writing gave me the opportunity to integrate and to rationalise my experiences into my rapidly changing mindset. Writing also gave me the opportunity to share several paranormal experiences from my childhood; experiences which now seemed to make more sense, and seemed to hold more relevance to the research I was engaged with.

In February 2017, I published the research from my first year of investigation.

You can find me here:

DMT & My Occult Mind

Author: DMT Researcher

I am an independent DMT researcher and writer with a longstanding interest in esoteric and occult philosophies. I dared to personally research the effects of DMT in order to expand my understanding of the unseen and to share my findings with others. Much exists outside the physical world and with entheogenic substances - such as DMT - we have the potential to view the unknown with stunning and endless philosophical possibilities.

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